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HTML Programming Contest - 2019
Students from 04 Std. to 12 Std.

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Respected Madam / Sir,
Greetings from CodeSTC (Inside Infotech),

Subject: HTML Programming Contest - 2019.

It is a great pleasure to announce that Inside Infotech is conducting the first HTML programming contest in Vidyaranyapura for students from 4th standard to 12th standard . We are glad to invite your esteemed school to encourage all the students to participate in this contest to be held annually and support to making this contest a success.

A school is indeed a home away from home which helps children shape their personality and also their future to a great extent. Making the students be able to confidently face the world is what every school strives for.

Just as parents, teachers also have high aspirations for their students. So, why not give the students some additional aid to ultimate success? It is proven that children learn at a rate faster than most adults do and mastering any new skill becomes a piece of cake if practised at an early age. Irrespective of the fact that children are exposed to technology massively these days, introducing them to higher aspects of technology based learning will guide them in future job markets as well.

Hence, we at Inside Infotech have come up with an attempt to contribute towards creating enthusiastic, ardent and creatively abundant youngsters for tomorrow through the PRO-ACTIVE Learning Methodologies that we practice. One of these being, our dedicated efforts to train school students on the highly requested software coding courses.

We present to you the HTML Programming Contest wherein we focus on fostering the hidden talents of school students by encouraging them to create interesting and engaging HTML programmes. Programming and coding are not as back breaking as they sound if proper scaling down is done, At Inside Infotech we simplify the complicated coding process by making learning easier and compelling for children.


What is HTML?

HTML is a computer language that assists in website creation. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. Hypertext is the method which enables one to freely surf the internet by clicking on hyperlinks that redirect the surfer from one page to the other and markups. Although there are many advanced programming languages to design websites, HTML is the very basic of them all and that is exactly why we chose this simple language to be introduced to school children as their first step towards becoming future programming Gurus.

About The Competition

The idea behind this competition is to identify and provoke the techies inside the children. They may or may not be good at programming. They might as well have a different calling. But at this age, we never know. So, let them give it a try because it’s only when they try, will they discover the potential inside them, different programming languages have different modes of operation. However, here is why we have chosen HTML as the subject.
Being the providers of education, let us not forget that technology is moving at a very fast pace and in a surrounding where everything is going digital children need access to unleash into the potential world.
Let us make this a lot easier for them just by letting them participate in this exciting event registration for the HTML Programming Competition where students would be required to use HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create websites and personalize them. The most creative website design would be awarded and given a special recognition.
Please contact us on +91 9844752030, 9060357123 or email us at: care@codestc.com for any questions or clarifications regarding the code of conduct during this event.

Thanking You,
Yours truly,

Nazeema K.P