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HTML Programming Contest - 2019
Students from 04 Std. to 12 Std.

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Terms and Conditions.

Competition Name: HTML Programming Contest 2019 - School Students.

Awards: 3 awards - Winner, 1st runner, 2nd runner for each category of participants.

Criteria: Any student who is aware of HTML, CSS, JavaScript can participate.

Registration Fee: The registration fee is Rs. 300/- (Rupees Three Hundred Only) which should be paid by the participants in order to participate in the contest.

Categorization: Students are categorized into 3 groups based on their current standard they are studying.
1) Juniors: 4th, 5th, 6th
2) Intermediates: 7th, 8th, 9th
3) Seniors: 10th, 11th, 12th
a) Only 1st and 2nd year Diploma / ITI students can participate in this event and these should have joined Diploma / ITI only after SSLC not after PUC or other equivalent qualification. These students are grouped as seniors.
b) PU and school dropouts who are currently not studying can also participate. These students come under seniors.

Award will be given to 3 categories of students as;
1) The Winner of HTML Programming Contest (Junior, Intermediate, Senior).
2) The 1st Runner up of HTML Programming Contest (Junior, Intermediate, Senior)
3) The 2nd Runner up of HTML Programming Contest (Junior, Intermediate, Senior)

1) The contest registration is closing soon.
2) The participants will be given a theme. The participants should code their project as website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
3) The students will have 07 days of time to complete the project and submit it to us. The student can send the code through email or can get it in a USB pendrive and submit in the office premises before the last date of project submission i.e. the last date of code submission is November 06, 2019.
4) The codes written by the participants will be evaluated and winners are chosen based on the below criteria.
          a) Error free coding - All the codes will be thoroughly checked.
          b) Only HTML, CSS, JavaScript should be used. No plugins or other technologies to be used.
          c) The front-end design like eye-catchy images, features like light-box, animations using JavaScript can be used.
          d) All the links/ images should be working. Broken Links, Hidden Links should not be present. Projects with these will not be considered for competition.
5) All the enrolled students will receive a kit which will have the booklet with all the details of the contest.
6) The registration fee paid to enroll for this contest is not refundable and cannot transfer the enrollment to another student’s name.
7) This contest is mainly intended to showcase the special coding talent the participants possess. Codes should be only for written by the participants not by any professionals or family members. This contest is for the participants not for others.
8) The juries for this contest have in depth experience and can question any participants if they have any questions on the codes. This happens when the juries analyze the complete codes and if they find the codes are inappropriate.
9) The decision finalized by the juries will be the final decision and cannot be changed on any pretext or situation.
10) All participants should treat the fellow participants equally.
11) The participants are requested to submit the Photocopy of their ID card provided by the school / institution. This is considered as a proof of their current standard in the school.
12) IIT-CE has the right to cancel any registration at any moment if the participants do not obey the terms and conditions of the contest. The registration fee also will not be refunded if the participant is found guilty.
13) The last date for registration and last date for code submissions are same for everyone. Participants are requested to adhere to this and act wisely. Late registration and late submission are not entertained at any point of time.
14) The participants are requested to attend the event on the contest day with his family, friends and relatives. However, we request the participants to keep us informed about their absenteeism prior to the contest day only on a unavoidable circumstance or reason.
15) Participants are requested to be well dressed and groomed up as they will be showcasing their talents and also they will be representing their own school.
16) The participants, students, teachers or the school management can contact us through the contact details anytime for any clarification or questions.
17) Each participant will have dedicated online link and the links are activated on the contest day. The links will be sent to the students during the contest at that point of time. Example: www.codestc.com/html-contest/2019/studentname_regnno.html